Your wedding video

10 tips to hire your wedding video -

Your wedding video


Photographies immortalize a moment, a video of the wedding will make you relive.

Here you have 10 tips that will help you decide the video for your wedding.

To hire a video for your wedding it’s always a hard decision, even though there are couples that are more interested in videos tan in photos.

Sometimes it’s the Budget, others fear of the unknown and that you have not found the video with which you will feel comfortable.

If anything has ever been regretted from our couples, it was only booking photos. We’ll tell you everything.


1. You will relive your day.

The day will pass very quickly, and you’ll remember lots of stuff, but you don’t remember the words and the moment before going to the altar.

Fotografía de Boda -



2. It’s your day and you are the protagonists.

You won’t need to pretend that you are somebody that you aren’t, don’t let the embarrassment a reason to make you not want a video.
Naturalness will be your great ally. If there is something that we defend without blunders, it’s to be natural. Where the best photos are taken is when nobody looks at the camera.

Do you really think that with 100 invited people, people you love, that you are really going to pay attention to the videographer?

10 tips que te ayudaran a decidirte por el video de boda -


3. The video is for a lifetime.


You are overwhelmed with all your Budgets.

The catering, the restaurant, the flowers, the decoration, the wedding planner, the dj… but think about it. Which one of these are going to last you forever and you be able to enjoy whenever you want? If you think about it, it’s the video. (And photography)


10 tips que te ayudaran a decidirte por el video de boda -

4. The parliament and the audio.


The image and the sound are married, like you. It’s fundamental that all the parliament are recorded.

You’ll be able to listen to it over and over again.


Boda en Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza -

5. You can share i ton social media.


With people that couldn’t make it, family that lives far away, work Friends

Is there anything better tan them seeing it live from a video?



6. Your song and your first dance.


You’ve been working for months for the perfect dance and you want to see what you did.

Because surely you make an amazing dancing couple!

10 tips que te ayudaran a decidirte por el video de boda -

7. Video or photo?


Obviously the trend is changing, from the video culture. Photographs remain the priority versus video.

We live in an era of Smartphones, and we think that they’ll save us from stuff like this.

We don’t say that, a client thoughy that only photos were important.


TIP: We got recommended to do a video and we rejected it, because we didn’t think it would be necessary. Once we realized we should of taking it.


8. Your big party.


Surely you’ll never organize another party the same. After the wedding come other parties. A baptism, comunión, etc. But are you going yo have all the same guests?
Surely it will be more family at those parties .


10 tips que te ayudaran a decidirte por el video de boda -



9. You wont miss about on anything


Decoration, flowers, everything you panned for you’re big day you might not notice all the things, so trust your videography , because surely they will get everything.

10 tips que te ayudaran a decidirte por el video de boda -



10. At the end of a few days, you’ll have video:




Have these 10 tips helped you decide if you want a video for your wedding? See you on the other side!



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